‘Women in IT Forum’ encourages women to take a seat at the table

From left: Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation Executive Director Ho Se Mun; MillenniumIT Project Director Vidumini Ranasinghe; LOLC Chief Risk Officer Shamini Wickremasekera; Department of Computer Science and Engineering Senior Lecturer Vishaka Nanayakkara from the University of Moratuwa; Microsoft Education Programs Manager Yashinka Jayasinghe Alles; FITIS Manager Administration and Operations Chadika Yahampath; Deputy Head and Spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office of Sri Lanka Rosy Senanayake; ICTA Chairperson Chitranganee Mubarak; TechAdvisor.lk Editor Mihiri Wikramanayake and FITIS Chairperson Chinthaka Wijewickrama

30 Under $30 Gifts for Your  Millennial Employees

What They Want

Shopping for the Millennial generation (those between the ages of 18 and 34) doesn't have to be hard. Here are 30 under $30 gifts that your young and tech-savvy employees will love.

These Are Bill Gates's Favorite Reads of 2015

The Microsoft founder is out with his annual list of his favorite books of the year.

As the billionaire founder of Microsoft and head of a world-changing philanthropic foundation, you'd imagine Bill Gates is a pretty busy guy. But he still makes time for books... a lot of books.

As a voracious reader and all around brilliant guy, Gates is in a great position to evaluate which books are worth the time of a busy entrepreneur. And happily, he's frequently up for providing public recommendations. At TED each year, he offers his fellow attendees a list of suggested reading, for instance, and he also has an annual tradition of listing his favorite reads of the year in December.
His 2015 list just came out and it contains some interesting suggestions for fellow bibliophiles looking for thought-provoking reads. Here are his six picks:

Rugrats through the eyes of HR

Rugrats may have been nothing but an interesting cartoon back when you used to watch it. But let’s look back on those little episodes that brought many a laughs and smiles to our faces with a different perspective in mind.

Career lessons learnt from The Avengers

Back in May 2012, the blockbuster hit movie, The Avengers was released and was shown in almost every theatre in town and it was always a full house. Whether you watched it as a massive fan of the Marvel comics or as someone who got hooked from the other Marvel movie (Thor, Iron Man etc.), you probably loved every bit of the movie. The interesting thing about the movie is that there are certain lessons you notice that people can relate to, in terms of careers.

Building competitive organisation s: The next venue for sustained success

Prof. Dave Ulrich highlighted on what every leader should acquire. He says that leaders should be adaptable as the effect of culture is reciprocal, and while shaping culture, the leader must allow culture shape their self as a leader, ensuring that is ‘the leader the company deserves’. In reconciling the short/long-term paradox, leaders have to learn to have productive conversations with their people. A leader must also be able to talk to their people - to help employees understand, to coach and not to criticize employees.

Why Performance Management via HRIS/ Cloud?

An annual performance review of employees is the most important process for the growth and success of any business organisations. Performance management serves as a motivational tool as well because through the evaluation of performance of employees, a person's efficiency can be determined if the organisations strategic targets are achieved. This very well motivates a person for better job and helps in to improving their performance in the future.

Moving into HR cloud computing

Why should organisations move into HR Cloud Computing?5falsemythscloudcomputing

In today’s world, HR Managers are completely involved in every stage of a company’s progress and interact with every level of a company’s workforce, from the lowest to the highest. Human Resource cloud computing is quite important when it comes to managing a lot of employees in your company. Especially when it comes to when employees working in other parts of the world, they can make use of HR cloud computing for example for: leave management, updates and all other HR related activities.

HR Managers must think universally!

There are all kinds of people around the world! When you try to talk to British HR about internationalizing, its collective eyes quite often start to glaze over very quickly. But it is important that HR managers start thinking internationally right now because we are all international now-or if we are not, we soon will be. As the domestic and international diversity agendas are emerging, we have mixed workforces, deal with foreign visitors and communicate with people across the world by phone and email. More and more of us work in international organisation s or work with organisation s abroad.

HR Tomorrow!

Achieving excellence.

Talent acquisition, training and building the leaders of tomorrow, are key HR constructs of today’s turbulent environment, which is facing a leadership crunch. So how is HR gearing up to deal with this? What are the new innovations HR is looking at?

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