Who are backstabbers?
Backstabbers are the people who act well in front of you but go against you behind your back. They appear supportive when who are around but when you are not, they go spreading bad rumors and tarnishing your reputation.

Creativity is a key to make your Company Christmas Party a memorable experience

Every year we get lots of requests to help out with hints and tips on how to plan a Company Christmas Party. So we have gathered our resources to provide you with lots of ideas to make this year’s holiday party safe, fun and memorable experience for you and your co-workers. These ideas are designed for both large companies with great budgets as well as small businesses with minimum resources.

Multiple perspectives for people managers

hrslconsultant ajantha

Decision making is a delicate part of a managerial career. This is true for people managers as well. Thinking is the central theme when it comes to decisions. Today’s column is all about how people managers can play six thinking roles, based on six thinking hats developed by Dr. Edward de Bono, in the early ’80s.

Personnel Management vital for success

Premasara Epasinghe (B A (Cey) Dip in Ed, Dip in Mktg Lecturer)
Human Resources function is responsible for attracting, developing and maintaining a work force. Human Resources information system supports these activities, such as identifying potential employees, maintaining complete records on existing employees and creating programs to develop employees’ talents.

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