Five personalities that you will meet this New Year

Five personalities that you will meet this New Year

Out of the many who leave university with a business degree, some have that feeling that HR will be the best place to work in. Now these are those that say that they love working with people and enjoy the company of new people. This is all before they start working, and once they start dealing with the many varieties of human beings that come along, this thought quickly changes. Being a people person is an advantage but HR is not the place that will reassure that. Not that HR is not a good place, it definitely is but it’s not a candy land filled with nice people. It’s a mess of all kinds of personalities that you will love or absolutely hate. Here are a few you might have met or meet in the future.

The casual rule breaker

Now these are your “cool” ones that usually very casually break the rules. Punctuality is out the door with these types of personalities and work is nothing but a distraction from their busy life. Phone calls and text messages fill their day and when there’s free time they think of work. They create their own rules and they enjoy breaking the common rules that apply for the rest.

The tattler

“Did you hear what happened?” “You wont believe what he/she said to me that day” Those are usually words uttered by these personalities. They love a bit of gossip and spreading the news makes it even more interesting. A little piece of information concerning someone else is gold to them. A long conversation with them can easily come to an end with no important information discussed.

The over-sharer

We all have experience with employees that share every intricate detail of their lives with anyone that is willing to carry on with the conversation. And this is how we know every illness they have gotten and even the intimate details about their relationships. These people often tend to build conversations off of thin air and it usually drags on for longer than you’d like.

The exaggerator

There’s no more explanation needed to this personality. They simply love blowing things out of proportion. A simple cough turns into the plague and they always end up having a traumatic incident or amazing night every time you speak to them. A simple conversation becomes a long line of exaggerated information that you know can’t be true.

The complainer

“It’s too hard” “It hurts everywhere”, will usually be the common indicators of these personalities. They just start most task with a sigh or complain. They have had experience with every disease in the book and enjoys a good rant about the details. A new form of complain begins and ends the day and it just seems as if they are just not happy with whatever that comes their way.

The interesting colorful personalities that come and go each year, makes each day all the more interesting. It might not seem that way but they add a something to the experiences that we have. The good times that we speak of the past is built on these amazing different people. Sure, in an ideal situation you wouldn’t picture them in the workplace but imagining the office without them might not be as interesting. So enjoy all the personalities that you get the chance to meet. It’s an experience that you will enjoy as you reminisce the past.

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