Banishing the post-holiday blues from your system.

Banishing the post-holiday blues from your system.

While we would all love to start the year with a bang of enthusiasm and loads to look forwards to, we need to face the reality, the most realistic expression towards returning to work after the seasonal holidays is not what one would want to start their new year at work with. The holidays is that period of joy where one rejoices with family, friends, food having many fun activities and gatherings. In simpler terms a break from your busy work schedules. Hence going back to work isn’t the greatest feeling and especially during the first week after your return. Almost all employees are still in the holiday relaxation mood needing a massive boost to get back on track. Here’s a few tips and tricks that could help you to get a kick start.

Plan your 1st week

This may sound quite cliché but it does help. It’s wise to start deciding on what you need to wear, what you need to do or even what you need to get for your first week after returning to work. This ideally needs to be done during the last few days of your vacation. What this does is that, it creates an indirect sense of enthusiasm and gets one motivated to get back to work with a new beginning. Start your day with a checklist of things you’d like to complete within the day, because there’s no better satisfaction than cutting a task off your list. And you will head back home with the satisfaction of accomplishing the tasks you’ve set yourself. At the same time it keeps you organised saving you from all the mishaps that could possibly occur. After all who wants to start work with chaos? This way you’re in control of the week and not vice versa.

Start your day with a good boost

The holidays is a period where one is bombarded with sweets and treats. Starting your new week with a healthy breakfast or a snack can give you the positive energy you’re looking for. Starting a new healthy diet can rejuvenate your body to get over the post-holiday blues. For all the coffee lovers this would be an excellent excuse to start your day with a nice warm up of coffee.

Get active

The holiday season is definitely going to help you gain a few pounds making you quite lazy and lethargic. Hitting a gym or a good jog is not only going to help get back into shape but whereas gives that well deserved energy boost. You might even want to try yoga to help you focus the mind, relax and get out of the post-holiday blues. It can be an early morning run or good morning stretch, the movements are sure to wake you up.

Take a break.

Let’s be practical! No matter how much we think and try to be the ideal employee once we return, we aren’t robots. There are set backs from what we plan the week to be .After all it’s the first few days that you transition from holiday mode to work mode, so take a small break in between work to have a breather. Make yourself a cup of tea or have an early lunch and refresh yourself. Even the walk to lunch, the people you meet and the conversations you will have, will make it easier for you to get through a long busy day.

A basic fact to remember is to start each day on a positive note, and make yourself a routine that will make your day run smoother. Find out what makes you want to get out of bed every morning and incorporate them into your day. No matter how blue a work day gets, you find yourself at work every morning and the day becomes easier as time passes by, preparing you for the

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