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Overcoming the top workplace distractions

It is an accepted fact that no matter how hard an employee tries, they are never able to give their 100% attention towards their job. Many individuals consider distractions to be a method to get away from stress and refresh your mind. Unfortunately the problem occurs when these distractions turn into addictions.

First impression is the best Impression VS. Never judge a book by its cover

Majority of us have heard the common phrases “The first Impression is the best Impression” and “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” While most people tend to follow these sayings in their day to day life, what happens is that interviewers and interviewees tend to use these as secret weapons during the BIG INTERVEIW. While the interviewee tries to make a great first impression, on the other hand the interviewer tries to pick the right person for the job. Unfortunately these two functions can turn into a difficult situation for both parties.

How to spot a dishonest candidate in an interview

Think about it, if there’s one type of person that almost all of us universally hate, then that person is most probably a liar. No one likes being lied to and dishonesty is considered as one of the most hated character traits of an individual. Nevertheless, being able to spot a liar is important if you want to have the upper hand in any sort of dealing, be it business or personal. However, if you’re a recruitment manager, then the talent to spot a manipulative candidate could be the difference between hiring an excellent individual or a person that’ll run your company to the ground. Check out some of the key points below, and see whether these will help you to spot a liar next time during an interview.

Getting fired is not as bad as you think

One of the biggest fears of most employees is being asked to resign or simply being fired. We tend to think that the situation will affect our career and resume, and it will have major damages to our self-confidence. We feel that we are going to hit rock bottom especially when you are teemed with responsibilities. But over the past few years, several incidents have proved that this can happen even to the best employees without necessarily being their fault. And, the perfect example for this is when Steve Jobs was fired from his initial role at Apple.

Why employers reject salary increase requests

Being the perfect manager is in no means feat. Taking high responsibilities, resolving critical situations and managing teams while meeting company expectations are some of the tasks that a good manager needs to master. Among everything that normally stresses an employer, salary increase requests stand out as one of the most challenging ones to deal with.

How to convince your boss that working on weekends is a bad idea

It’s Friday, and you’re busy searching for the best “It’s Friday” meme to post on Facebook. You hear the footsteps of your boss that seems to be coming your way. You’re sure she/he is going to thank you for all the hard work you did this week. He/She gives you a big smile while trying to say something. You already know what it is and you have an answer, “happy weekend to you too.” But no, he/she happens to announce that the board has decided to open the office Saturday morning starting next month! Indeed, happy weekend to you…

Interview Tips: How to answer the question “Where do you see yourself in 5 years”

Being in an interview can be exciting and daunting at the same time. Imagine yourself sitting in front of your potential employer as various thoughts keep mingling around your head. You keep wondering what would be the next question asked by the HR Managers and how you are going to answer it, when all of a sudden, the interviewer asks you about your long term future plans. You panic and keep thinking when you don’t even know what you want to do tomorrow!

Interview Tips: What are your salary expectations?

Each Interviewer certainly has his or her own ways to get to know the potential candidates for a job vacancy during an interview. It can be a long or a short interview, more focused on personal aspects or professional achievements instead. It can be very formal or have that informal tone that we never know how to handle… but you can be almost sure that the question that most of them are going to ask by the end of the interview is that one related to your salary expectations. Continue reading if you want to learn some tips on how to ace the answer!

Avoid these common mistakes in your CV

In order to secure an interview at your dream organization you need to have the perfect resume, one that motivates recruiters to meet you and learn more about you. In fact, the first impression generated through a resume is the key to win the hearts of your employers.

If you are currently on the hunt for a job and you are looking for ways to improve and develop your resume before you hit that send button, take time to read this article and make sure you avoid the following common mistakes.

Sri Lanka appoints first Honorary Consul in Pennsylvania

Ambassador Prasad Kariyawasam has handed over the Commission of Appointment to David Bruce Sherman as Sri Lanka’s Honorary Consul in the state of Pennsylvania. He is the first Honorary Consul of Sri Lanka in that state.

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