Startup brings fast and simple video recruitment to Sri Lanka

Startup brings fast and simple video recruitment to Sri Lanka

The recruitment process in Sri Lanka has not advanced much in the past 10 years. Companies take out advertisements in newspapers or on websites and candidates send in their CVs that are processed by the human resource staff. Short-listed candidates are called in for interviews and those who get through the first round are often called in for further interviews before a candidate is finally selected for the job.

The whole process, according to Sixer Video CEO Imthiyaaz Hassim can take months using the traditional recruitment process. And for interns the process is even more complex.

“CEOs and HR managers have told us that they can tell if a candidate is going to be a successful hire within 10 seconds of meeting them,” says Hassim. And according to him, companies are not looking for complex solutions. “At Sixer Video, our mission has been to increase the efficiency of the recruitment process, not only for the company, but also for the candidate.”

Sixer Video is Sri Lanka’s only platform that is focused on catering to businesses seeking to hire young Sri Lankans who are talented, innovative and forward thinkers. Already, the startup has gotten traction. “Our secret sauce is the ability to find real talent that matches the client’s needs. We use various strategies, including some data mining methods,” says Hassim.

Sixer Video makes it fast for business leaders to get fast first impressions of candidates. Using an innovative and simple to use app-based digital platform, candidates download the Sixer Video app, enter the company code they want to pitch themselves to, and then record a short video clip that gets sent directly to the company’s dashboard.

UPS (United Parcel Services) in Sri Lanka is currently piloting Sixer Video. According to them, Sixer Video has been a new and unique experience. They could get to know a candidate before reading their CV or calling them in for an interview. The platform was easy to use and saved them a lot of time.

“Sixer Video as a concept is new to South Asia and we are looking at introducing the platform to Sri Lanka’s business community. Currently we have few companies on board and we are looking at expanding both locally and internationally,” says Hassim.

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