Are you treating your candidates’ right? – Interviewee Perspective of Job Interviews

Are you treating your candidates’ right? – Interviewee Perspective of Job Interviews

I had just finished my MBA and was looking for a new job opportunity and was going through the usual process, applying via email and going for interviews.

We go for an interview because we get shortlisted, and it is only fair to expect to be treated in a professional manner, but in most cases it is NOT. There isn’t any point if you have a great product and high sales if you do not know how to attract candidates. Interviewers forget that apart from judging the interviewee that the employer is judged, you give us an insight about your company on the way you behave and although you might not realize it we evaluate you too. Just listing some of the unprofessional situations I’ve come across during the past few months.

1.    Friendly atmosphere at the Gate/Reception -

Most companies don’t do this, but when it happens you feel positive. Nestle had already given the names to the gate as well as reception and when you go they treat you by saying “Good Afternoon you are miss. ABC right?” At Avery Dennison, the security staffs wish you luck when you go in.

2.    Extra Long queue for Interviews - Punctuality is Important!!!

The awkwardness of being seated for more than half hour is indescribable. Plus it’s a waste of time for us, we are punctual because we respect you and it is crucial to know if it is mutual.
Multi Nationals such as Mas Holdings, Nestle, Fonterra & hsenid have exactly started interviews on exact given time which is quite impressive.

3.    Interviewer not introducing himself – Lack of common courtesy!!

In most cases I have to introduce myself and they never introduce themselves back, this is tragic especially since you are interviewed by middle to top level management. You feel very disrespected and hey it’s common courtesy, just say your name and smile it won’t cost you anything.

4.    List of unwanted looong questions – Seriously??

You are trying test us we get it, but please make it relevant, once I was interviewed for about one and half hours long after seated for more than half hour. Some of the questions were ridiculous. They asked me “What is your worst nightmare?” and I wanted to answer “you” By the time the interview was over I was exhausted and I rejected the second interview.

5.    Not explaining the Job Role & Responsibilities to the candidate

Please take time to explain this without playing 20 question games with us. That’s the most important factor for us, and based on the job role only we can tell our expected package, and when you do the other way round it gives a feeling that the company is more interested in how much they have to pay rather than selecting the right candidate. 
If you have a budget please tell without beating around the bush, we will agree or disagree and definitely respect you for being honest.

6.    Follow up email

Only few companies practice this, you know where you stand, I missed one job opportunity because I didn’t hear from them for one month. By the time they offered me the job I was employed elsewhere.

Misconception is that anyone would jump at an opportunity to join a Multi-National Company because of the reputation and perks, but I feel that people want to join because they are treated right, from a simple greeting to end of the interview. Sadly, in a country like Sri Lanka where job market is stagnated and when people are desperate for jobs, candidates are left with no right to complain. But you just might lose a good candidate just because you don’t treat them right…. and because you forget that they evaluate you too!!!

Vichalya Wijesuriya
hSenid Business Solutions

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