The Royal Promotion

The Royal Promotion

On 19th May 2018 we witnessed on of the most awaited moment of the decade, ‘The royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’. It was that moment where not only the royal family was filled with excitement, but whereas the entire world. Undoubtedly this wedding unlike the others had quite a few twists and turns that gave the event more attention.

In fact if thought from an HR perspective this would be quite similar to a C-level promotion within an organisation. Given below are few reasons that justifies this scenario.

  • The anticipation

Everyone leave alone the British, want to know who the next to enter the royal family is. Who they are? Where are they from? What’s their story? There is a curiosity and suspense that runs through the minds of all bringing out guesses and debates on it as well.

Likewise the moment an organisation gives out the sense of a promotion possibility, along with it rises all the anticipation, curiosity and all the guesses. Is it someone from inside? Is it a new recruit? How are they going to do things? All these new questions create an atmosphere that is quite similar to that of the royal wedding.

  • The ideal candidate

Usually there is an ideal image when it comes to any role that has to be filled. When talking about a new royal bride it would be someone who has a touch of royal blood or from a high class background with good connections within the British community. Someone who has the etiquettes and is well groomed. This person needs to be modest, elegant, simple, loving with all the best of characteristics put together. In simple sense it would be a prefect Disney princess getting married to her prince.

On the other hand if you take the image of a C-level executive there are certain characteristics that need to be ticked off as well. This person needs to represent the organisation as its brand ambassador, hence it needs to be someone who is well experienced, has a good background regarding the industry and the business, needs to be smart, classy, efficient, and charismatic being the perfect leader that drives the organisation towards success. Some would even say that this person needs to be the James Bond of business.

  • The change management

Addressing the elephant in the room, it’s quite obvious that the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan took a slightly different turn from the traditional royal wedding. From the bride itself being a former American actress, mixed race and previously married, clearly was quite a big change to the British monarchy. On the other hand the ceremony too hand quite a few obvious changes. From the black priest to the choir, Prince Charles walking the bride down the aisle, Prince Harry also wearing a wedding ring, all these were obvious changes that were witnessed.

But like any change management, this too was handled very effectively by the royal family and the couple along with media and their various activities and initiatives.

Similarly, every organisation has a culture that acts at a foundation. This influences all the activities done and decisions made. This goes hand in hand with the leadership within the organisation. There can be certain situations where a new leader may not be someone who matches this culture. They may follow different principles and ideas that don’t go along with the prevailing culture. This does not mean that the individual is the wrong choice, in fact it can be the ideal person.

In order to make this happen there needs to be a suitable change management strategy implemented which can win the hearts of the employees the same way Meghan Markle won the hearts of the people.

  • The critics and controversies

No matter what there are criticisms and controversies that tag along in every situation whether we like it or not. The royal couple too had endless criticisms and controversies that came their way. This ranged from Meghan’s past and misunderstandings among family to even Harry’s history being dug out. Yet the couple did not let this stand as an obstacle and faced it together as a team.

Any organisation with new leaders have endless negativity coming their way too. This may be about their decisions, leadership style, actions or even personal lives. Nevertheless it’s up to the individual to take it up in a constructive manner and take necessary measures to face them carefully rather than creating a bigger problem out of it.

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