How to create a great candidate experience

Candidate experience is a popular buzzword in the HR sector because that is the most important factor for a company to attract new talents. We can simply define candidate experience as, “how candidates feel about your company after they experience your company’s hiring process.” According to their review, other candidates’ decisions also can be changed because they influence others' decision-making process. Candidates tend to review the candidate experience they had with the employer and keen to share it on social media and certain reviewing websites where they can review companies. Having a better candidate experience will help you to build your brand name and reputation, or else if candidates had a bad experience they will ruin your brand and at the end, you will lose respect as an employer and as a brand. Most of the common problem that candidates are facing according to social media for business websites are, a lack of information regarding the interview process. After the interview process, most of the companies are failing to get back to candidates and update what was happened. This is where most of the companies go wrong. Here are some valuable tips to create a better candidate experience for your company.

How to improve the candidate experience at each stage

As a company, you need to give a clear description of the job role and make sure that you are hiring for a real need. If companies are having their HRIS system, they can do it through requirement module. Now a day’s most of the workforce is filled with generation Z and millennials. Due to that companies need to be more creative and approachable when attracting those generations. They are more tech-savvy and they always like to be connected. Companies can use social media for business to circulate the job opening among society. Make sure you will give full attention to them during the interview process and keep them updated after the interview.

Keep track on candidates

If your HR services need to keep certain candidates for upcoming job openings, you need to keep track of them. To track candidates companies can use new HR technologies like RPA (Robotic Process Outsourcing). Majority of the organisations are now preferring recruitment process outsourcing to carry out more effective and efficient recruitment process.

Always give genuine feedback to candidates 

Majority of the companies are offering specific feedback to rejected candidates. Candidates prefer to get more genuine feedback and they like to know what went wrong. If the company’s HR services can provide better-customised feedback for each employee that will help them grow. These kind of feedback will help candidates to approach their next job with a more strategic approach. As a result your company will benefit this by building trust with candidates.  

It’s also useful to ask candidates feedback about the interviewing process. If your company has a human resource management software you can circulate a candidate experience survey among candidates to identify gaps. This will help companies improve the quality and experience of the recruitment process.

To improve the requirement process with proper experience you don’t need humans. Instead you can use recent HR technology such as chatbots who are designed to do a certain task. This will help to provide real-time interaction with candidates. Recruiter chatbots can collect information from candidates, answer FAQs, ask screening questions and can schedule interviews with the real recruiter. Because of new HR technologies, it’s very easy for companies to improve their candidate experience through human and robot integration.

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