How to get your employees participation into virtual workplace

How to get your employees participation into virtual workplace

These days it is hard to get employees attention into one specific matter because of the outbreak of COVID-19 deadly virus. Most of the countries around the world are under lockdown and have asked their employees to stay back home and do their daily office related work at home. Since employees are not in the same room it’s not an easy task to gather them around to have nine to ten-minute argument meetings and it’s not practical. The fact is most of the meetings are annoying and there is most likely little to zero accountability for engagement. You can realise most of the employees are trying forcefully keep their eye contact. In a situation where companies allow their employees to work from home, the management team need to take necessary actions to keep their team together by engaging fully. In simple terms, you need to create voluntary engagement within your teammates to create the structure and platform to engage fully. Here are some valuable tips you can practice while working at home.

The 5-minute rule

If you are leaving your computer for a reason inform your team first. So that if it’s an emergency your team members are ready to take any necessary actions regarding your work while you are out. If you leave without informing, the team members think that you are online and working on the problem. This might create a huge problem for customers as well as employees. Yes, your wellbeing and health are also important, but employees must remember that they must take care of their customers as well. If employees want more than 5 minutes to deal with whatever they are having in their mind, make sure you inform your team members through WhatsApp, Viber, Hangouts or any other official communication platform before leaving.   

Move away from serious talks for a while 

Do not talk about work-related matters every moment. Then the employees feel lazy and they tend to do their work rather than listening to meetings. Gather up with your employees and try to spread some good vibes among your team members. When your employees are out of the office, they will miss their connections with team members. Give some leisure time to maintain that connection for your team members. As a manager, you can come up with creative ideas to gather team members and break the ice. You can ask to send pictures of their pets, garden or any interesting things can be used to start a good interesting chat. 

Start Face to Face conversations 

Video conferencing is an interesting way to build a personal relationship among virtual employees. Managers can incorporate video into normal meetings as well as formal meetings. Using this method managers can easily understand how the employee feel because they can directly see employees’ facial expressions. If your employee’s mood is not good enough then you can take some necessary actions to keep him/her happy. The cost of doing videos conferencing is small compared to having an employee who is not engaged with the team members or the company. So, as managers, you need to think about different creative ways to keep your remote employees more engaged.

By adopting these activities employees can release their stress as well as they can focus on their daily routine. It’s important to think about employees as well as the organisation’s customers since both stakeholders are vital for your business growth and sustainability.

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