Remote employee onboarding tips for your next new hire

Remote employee onboarding tips for your next new hire

In this rapidly changing industrial world, remote workers are playing a major role in the workforce. Since 2005, the number of people working remotely has increased by 159% due to changing work patterns. Most of the researches have expected that in the future large number of populations will work remotely. To face those market change companies need to fill the gap by adopting online onboarding methods which help candidates to easily take their decisions. Most of the candidates think that companies are not doing a great job regarding onboarding. Besides, they feel that the number of paperwork they must go through is not necessary for this digital era. As we know that effective onboarding improves retention, companies need to focus on sustainable onboarding processes. Most of the leading companies have responded to this matter quickly and they have changed the way of onboarding new candidates. Dell is one of the major players in the hardware industry and they are now conducting onboarding including documentation through digital channels like email and online chat. Most of the new HRIS software comes with advance requirement and onboarding modules which enables companies to easily complete the onboarding process. From candidate interviews to signing the company agreements are done through online. Since most of the workforce is filled with millennials, they are more likely to join companies who incorporate digital methods in their business. Due to that, this will be a good opportunity for companies to increase their talent pool. Here are some best practices for remote employee onboarding. 

Start your campaign early 

Companies need to start recruiting campaigns as soon as they can. HR managers can use different kind of approaches to build the vibe among candidates. Using social media, HR manages can gain attention from candidates since the reach is high. They can circulate videos regarding company culture to inform candidates how the work is done within the company. When the positive vibe circulates among candidates, they are waiting for the company to post a recruitment advertisement for them to apply. 

Get a newly hired employee online as soon as you can 

Without access to the digital workplace, a remote worker cannot do anything. Because of that make sure you plan all the activities ahead. Otherwise, he or she will feel disappointed. To overcome that make sure to assign a member of the current team to help the new employee to figure things out. Always make sure to organise an orientation process with IT department to solve the problems regarding passwords, accounts access etc:  

Allow your employees to develop their professional and personal growth 

When you hire a new employee, they don’t know how things are done in the company. Managers need to encourage other employees to connect with the new employee and get things done. In addition, research has found that 67% of the newly hired employees are looking for work-related training. As an organisation, you can develop a programme which enables your new hires the opportunity to apply for online courses regarding their job role. Training and development module which comes with new HRIS systems allow companies to easily implement this process.

Encourage collaborative learning 

It is important to encourage collaborative learning among the virtual workforce because newly hired employees need to know about the company culture and how teams are working towards company goals. Managers can use cross-train team strategy to expose a new employee to other works. Such as you can ask your marketer to work with the sales department and software engineer to work with marketing department etc: It is important to develop cross-functional team effort during onboarding process then later they have contacts in each department. 

Researchers have found that candidates are twice as likely to seek a new job if they had bad onboarding experience. Considering these facts, it is good for any company to start efficient online onboarding since it helps to save your company time and money. 

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