7 tips to follow on your path to excellence

7 tips to follow on your path to excellence

As employees, all we can ever dream about is becoming successful. Reaching our aims and achieving our goals has been our biggest desire ever since we began employment. However, becoming successful, like most things, doesn’t come easy. Dedication, sacrifice, commitment, perseverance and courage are just a few words to sum up the 7 tips given below, which you can follow on your path to excellence.

1. Planning in advance
We all have those days when we tend to procrastinate or lose track of all the tasks we were supposed to do today. Therefore, scheduling your week or day in advance helps you to have a better idea of how you will complete your tasks in a much more organized, hassle-free manner. You can manage your time accordingly and it gives you a heads-up of how occupied you will be with your work life, hence allowing you to administer your personal matters accordingly.

2. Doing the difficult task 1st
Its human nature to feel drawn towards the easy way out. However, if you strive to be successful, you have to pick the rocky path. Research has proved that most people are likely to become more productive if they chose the tougher task over the easier as it helps reduce constructive procrastination. Picking up challenges and choosing to conclude them first, subconsciously makes you feel more driven to do the latter easier tasks, boosting your efficiency.

3. Sometimes, the answer has to be a ‘NO’
Parties, dinner outings and movie nights are almost irresistible to any human being and so are your aspirations, dreams and goals. Prioritizing is an important tool that usually goes unnoticed. Sometimes, saying ‘NO’ to your favorite game night is the necessary sacrifice to achieving your work goals.

It is a common misunderstanding that saying ‘YES’ to literally everything, would make us look more appealing although the reality is quite the opposite. We must be able to understand our capabilities and inabilities. Accepting a task you know is off-limits, solely to gain a good impression may only lead you to becoming more stressed and even unreliable. Hence, be honest and true to yourself. Only undertake tasks that you know you are capable of doing. Do not be afraid to say ‘NO’ to anything you are uncomfortable doing

4. Invest time on yourself
With the constant rat-race that we’ve been running, we often tend to forget about giving ourselves a break from all the chaos that has been going around. It is evident that we need to constantly improve ourselves to have the upper hand in this never-ending game of life. Investing time on ourselves helps us improve and weaken our flaws. Control your monkey brain; try to brainstorm a few ideas on how you can become better and do not forget to set minor goals once in a while.

5. Associate those who are driven and motivated in becoming successful
There is certainly a reason why birds of a feather flock together. When our lives revolve around those who give out positive energy and good vibes, unknowingly or so, it does impact us in major ways. He who has motivating and intriguing peers is usually considered lucky as it helps you stay focused and avoid unnecessary distractions of those who are aimless and undirected.

6. Taking accountability and responsibility for your actions
Abdul Kalam once said, “If u want to shine like the sun, first you must burn like one”. Chickening-out at times you are supposed to be accountable and responsible is undoubtedly unfavorable for a person who wants to be successful. Despite your wrong actions and decisions, you must be liable for them and face the consequences wholeheartedly. Problems are common but your attitude towards them is what makes you stand out of the rest.

7. Have faith and confidence in yourself
Confidence, hard work and faith are the best medicines to kill the disease called “Failure”. You can never become successful if you don’t believe in yourself. Taking risks and making those tough choices are inevitable. Therefore, have faith that you can overcome any obstacle that you face along your journey for there will be plenty of them.

Finally, dream, believe and achieve!

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