LinkedIn! The Best for Professionals.

LinkedIn! The Best for Professionals.

LinkedIn is a social networking website for people in professional occupations and it is where all the HR managers and recruiters are now hanging out. The main opportunities LinkedIn provides are that LinkedIn helps in developing and expanding a personal network of professionals. There are members from all 500 of the Fortune 500 companies. LinkedIn members comprise 130 different industries, and include well over 100,000 recruiters.

LinkedIn actively supports search for candidates among LinkedIn members by searching on keywords for people with the required qualifications listed in their LinkedIn profile. (This is why keyword rich, well-developed, complete profiles are recommended for professionals on LinkedIn.) When you share your contact information, others can easily contact you whether you are actively or passively job or employee searching. LinkedIn has developed a complete, keyword-rich profile for any company on LinkedIn. Prospective employees, who are looking for employers, search LinkedIn by keywords, too. They also look at company profiles to make up lists of companies for whom they would like to work. Potential employees may even contact you through LinkedIn's mailing system, Inmail.

LinkedIn supports in search for potential employees by past or current employer who may have been employed people with the skills and experience sought by a company. You can also search for employees based on references from recommenders you trust, the process used on LinkedIn in which members of your network can write notes of recommendation for you. LinkedIn can also help you in joining groups at LinkedIn where you can share your knowledge, experience, clarifications and any doubtful questions.

So why wouldn’t you think LinkedIn is a good choice?

LinkedIn is of great support for the professional crowd. Whether it is recruitment or search for a job, LinkedIn now helps you connect with professionals all around the world. It is your résumé for the world to view. The capability to jot down every precise detail of your corporate life and the ability to tag the company under it gives LinkedIn the edge over its competitors. LinkedIn’s networking strictly revolves around the corporate world, and hence your qualifications, job profiles, history, etc. is vital. LinkedIn’s true prowess lies in the fact that it clubs the ability of social and corporate networking with that of job portals. You can land a job not just by hunting for one in groups but also by displaying (read flaunting) your corporate qualification. This helps big brands hunt down any candidates who fit the bill to be future employees.

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