How to build a high performance organisation al culture

How to build a high performance organisation al culture

A high performance organisation al culture is extremely essential to gain organisation al success. In order to build a high performance organisation al culture, an organisation will have to firstly understand the culture that is currently prevalent within the organisation. The diagnosis of the current organisation al culture could be done by conducting several focus group discussions; which will then aid you to identify the common trends in behaviors and characteristics among these groups in order to determine the present organisation al culture.

The next step is identifying and defining the behaviors and characteristics of a high performance organisation al culture; thereafter design a full program on how this can be achieved and integrated to your organisation. Subsequently, these programs need to be launched in an appropriate manner to get the message delivered to employees in all levels of the organisation. It is also very important that the senior management level agrees and complies with this program.

A post evaluation must to be conducted 6 to 12 months into the implementation of the program; to understand if the new culture has been adopted and if it has an impact on organisation al success.  This evaluation can be done by having specific sets of measurement criteria aligned with your organisation al goals and values.

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