How to convince your boss that working on weekends is a bad idea

How to convince your boss that working on weekends is a bad idea

It’s Friday, and you’re busy searching for the best “It’s Friday” meme to post on Facebook. You hear the footsteps of your boss that seems to be coming your way. You’re sure she/he is going to thank you for all the hard work you did this week. He/She gives you a big smile while trying to say something. You already know what it is and you have an answer, “happy weekend to you too.” But no, he/she happens to announce that the board has decided to open the office Saturday morning starting next month! Indeed, happy weekend to you…

Is there anything you can say to avoid sacrificing your weekend? Will your boss agree? Let’s take a look at some of the options you have in order to save your precious weekend from another work week.

These are some solid arguments that you can use to convince your boss and management that weekends should be off limits.

It’s a drain on employee’s mental energy

Stressing about work on weekdays is bad enough. Having to do it on weekends is definitely no good for the employees’ productivity.

The team’s morale will deteriorate

Having to think about work for 6 days a week won’t improve the team’s motivation and dedication. Instead, your employees will most probably start wondering if the job is worth all that sacrifice.

Unnecessary resentment towards work

It is likely that employees may begin to resent their job, their workplace and even their boss for taking decisions that directly affect their private life without consultation.

It is an unproductive investment

For the reasons mentioned above, the productivity of the employees is going to be pretty low during the weekends, making it quite a bad investment in a long run.

Can directly affect your employees’ personal situation

While having a well-paid job might be important for employees with family, work-life balance it is even more decisive for employees’ happiness. Working on weekends can be pretty frustrating for employees with family and children. Make sure you don’t reduce the moments they have to spend quality time with their loved ones. It can surely be counterproductive.

Over exhaustion at the beginning of the week

Mondays are hard enough to bear with when you have only two days to recover from the work week, imagine the employees’ enthusiasm to start the week if they only have one day off in between…

Overall productivity will fall

Employees must keep their focus in order to work efficiently. However, working without a break will diminish their concentration, causing a reduction in productivity.

Negative effect on work quality

Too much stress and lack of focus will directly affect the quality of the employees’ performance, threatening the company’s business.

Adverse effect on customer service

Unmotivated and unenthusiastic employees will develop and project a negative image about the organisation to its customers.

Cause for higher employee turnover

Stressed and overloaded staff members are more likely to leave their job prematurely, causing the company and its HR management to spend more money to hire and train new recruits.

Emphasize the scientific research related to weekend work

You can also bring out plenty of scientific researches conducted to reveal the negative effects of working on weekends or holidays to make your point about closing the office on the weekend.

Mention alternatives that can be utilised to avoid weekend work

Apart from all the above, you can also bring out alternative options that can get the work done while offering a weekend holiday.

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