Business Success vs. Economic Crisis: HR to the rescue

While many of us believe that the HR department has a role to play in protecting the welfare and safety of employees, it also crucial in supporting organisational sustainability during an economic crisis. Why? The simple reason is that there is always a human side to every challenge that the organisation faces.

It’s no rocket science to understand the fact that the Easter Bombing not only has emerged a national crisis, but also lead to a massive blow towards the economic stability leading many business sectors to hit rock bottom.

Enthusiastic employees: the key to happy customers this avurudu.

One thing we Sri Lankans love is the various holidays we come across in our calendar. While most countries consider December as their holiday season, we on the other hand can’t wait to see all the trees blossoming with flowers and to hear the chirping of birds welcoming the month of April. Our holiday season as we celebrate the New Year.

The beginner’s guide to get top talent on a budget

It’s an accepted norm that the greatest asset for any organisation is their human resources. With prevailing economic conditions, one can easily say that there is no shortage in the labor supply. But the point to ponder upon is to attain the most talented and hardworking bunch.

The HR New Year’s Resolutions

A new year, new beginnings. Every single year we all try very hard to make up our mind and decide on things we are going to change in our lifestyles in order to become a better person, and 2019 is not going to be any different. At a personal level some common resolutions would be becoming healthier, making more time for family and friends, working harder towards climbing the professional ladder and the list goes on.

The Athletes of HR

Judging by the title many would question the similarities of an athlete and a HR personality. Apart from the great physic the rest is similar in context. The atmosphere is not same but the struggles that they go through to achieve success has many similarities. They too have experienced the thrill of successfully initiating a project and the defeat that come from training and placing a talented employee only to lose him/her to a competitor. The struggles, victories and defeats may take different avenues in comparison but the journey has many similarities. Here are a few athletes from HR.

Employer Branding Gone Wrong: The consequences that HR has to prep for.

Employer branding isn’t something new anymore. It has become a trend that is taking the corporate world by storm. This is what differentiates organisations from recruiting the right one for the right job to recruiting someone who seems good for the job. It’s the joint collaboration of HR and marketing that turns ones organisation into the dream employer.

Are you wearing out your top performers?

The frazzled journey of Daniel

Daniel, a high performing specialist working for a multinational organisation was the dream employee for any employer. With high enthusiasm and can do attitude, there was nothing that could stop Daniel from achieving anything that he set his mind to.

A little over a year ago, he was given an opportunity no high performer could turn down, an opportunity to play a manager role on a project he really cared about. While his boss claimed, “You care about this; you lead it.” So he did, and all seemed to be going well even though he was planning a significant company event at the same time, a role he had volunteered for.

Performance Management: The blessing, the curse and the hidden nightmare

The very mention of appraisals, reviews and ratings is enough to make seasoned professionals cringe and rejoice alike.

From an employee’s point of view there can be 2 possible scenarios. Either they would come out smiling out of the review with a potential indication of a bonus or can go downhill where there’s nothing memorable regarding the whole process and can even be considered as a warning to their presence.

Get a reading from Predictive Analytics - the fortune teller of HR

Have you ever wondered as to how fortune tellers tend to know more about you than your own self? How can they possibly know the future by just looking into a crystal ball or reading your palm? Is it actually true or just random assumptions?

The Royal Promotion

On 19th May 2018 we witnessed on of the most awaited moment of the decade, ‘The royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’. It was that moment where not only the royal family was filled with excitement, but whereas the entire world. Undoubtedly this wedding unlike the others had quite a few twists and turns that gave the event more attention.

In fact if thought from an HR perspective this would be quite similar to a C-level promotion within an organisation. Given below are few reasons that justifies this scenario.