Getting fired is not as bad as you think

One of the biggest fears of most employees is being asked to resign or simply being fired. We tend to think that the situation will affect our career and resume, and it will have major damages to our self-confidence. We feel that we are going to hit rock bottom especially when you are teemed with responsibilities. But over the past few years, several incidents have proved that this can happen even to the best employees without necessarily being their fault. And, the perfect example for this is when Steve Jobs was fired from his initial role at Apple.

Why employers reject salary increase requests

Being the perfect manager is in no means feat. Taking high responsibilities, resolving critical situations and managing teams while meeting company expectations are some of the tasks that a good manager needs to master. Among everything that normally stresses an employer, salary increase requests stand out as one of the most challenging ones to deal with.

Feel connected at work with just a simple email campaign

As the workload increases it is natural to feel disconnected from the rest. To many this is a lonely feeling where it is just a routine work and home schedule that becomes rather boring. An engaged atmosphere promotes innovative ideas and enables higher levels of productivity. Promoting an engaged culture creates a pleasant environment for the employees. It will not be just the salary at the end of the month motivating them to come to work, but the culture that makes them feel welcomed. A simple email campaign can help you start with the change.

Five personalities that you will meet this New Year

Out of the many who leave university with a business degree, some have that feeling that HR will be the best place to work in. Now these are those that say that they love working with people and enjoy the company of new people. This is all before they start working, and once they start dealing with the many varieties of human beings that come along, this thought quickly changes. Being a people person is an advantage but HR is not the place that will reassure that. Not that HR is not a good place, it definitely is but it’s not a candy land filled with nice people. It’s a mess of all kinds of personalities that you will love or absolutely hate. Here are a few you might have met or meet in the future.

Is it TMI for work? - Five tips to avoid oversharing

Once you officially start working, it becomes the perfect place to meet new people and make new friends. Although with all those new additions, comes that feeling of comfort to just let go and be yourself. Not that it’s a bad thing to be yourself around your friends but should you share everything in the place you work? It’s just a matter of asking yourself “Is it TMI for work?” (If you find yourself wondering what “TMI” means, it is the abbreviated term for “Too much information”.)When work and personal life mix, the combination might not be what you expect.

05 signs that say you have a great boss

If you have been in a professional environment for quite some time then you must have met a fair share of supervisors or bosses. Each a different personality, good or bad makes a significant impact in the way that you conduct your work and the way you feel about the workplace. Sometimes amidst all the distractions at work, we tend to miss the great qualities of a person that make it easier for us to go about our daily routines. Here are some signs that indicate that you really work for a great boss.

18 Reasons You Should Start Looking for Another Job

18 Reasons You Should Start Looking for Another Job

Thinking it's time to quit? Here are a few signs it might be time to move on from your current position.

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The alarm clock goes off bright-and-early on Monday morning. What's your reaction? Are you ready to tackle the day head-on? Or, do you hit the snooze button and dread getting out of bed?

8 Signs an Employee Should Be Fired (Which Never Appear on Performance Evaluations)

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Many are mediocre. Some are bad. And some are absolutely toxic. Here's how to tell.

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We can all spot terrible employees: they under-perform, they don't work well with teams, they struggle to meet expectations... but oddly enough, it isn't the obviously terrible employees who cause the real problems.

Before you hire your first employees, read this

You could be making a big mistake if you blend the personal and professional too often at work

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Saturday is the United Nations' International Day of Friendship, a day that's designed to "strengthen bonds among individuals and generate greater respect and understanding in our world." During these turbulent times, we certainly need more of that.

Five Interview Questions a Recruiter Shouldn’t Miss

Every candidate walks in to an interview with the expectation of it being the first step towards a successful career and the connection that the candidate builds over the interview will reflect on the decision that they make. Even the best of candidates might change their mind when they don’t feel connected or comfortable with the employer. Although many believe that candidates always expect an easy way out of a question, in reality what they desire are questions that will portray their personal beliefs and highlight their subject knowledge. Questions like “Where do you see yourself in five years” have gotten old and almost everyone come with an answer prepared for that. You don’t want a candidate that has memorised the answers for each question, you need a candidate that can think on his/her feet. Someone that is confident enough to tackle a question as an when it’s asked, someone creative and willing to take up a challenge without hesitance. Here are a list of questions that you can ask from your future interview candidates to keep the conversation going.