Where do I fit in? - Tips to figuring out your career path

Once you are done with university the next step becomes a constant battle in your mind to find out where you are meant to be. Where do I fit in? and where does my skills lie? Become permanent unanswered questions in your head. It comes to a point where you feel left out when everyone starts moving forward knowing exactly what they want to do and where they would like to be in five years’ time. If you feel like you’re still not ready to answer that question here are some tips to help you along.

Make a list


If you are someone that loves making checklists then this is your chance to go to town with it. And if you are not the list kind of person, do what works for you. But you need a something that holds all the potential career paths. When you make a list you know what exactly you know about the field helping you do further research on getting to know what more are available in the market.

Do your research


This is a very important step towards figuring out what options you have available to choose from. There are many opportunities that are available for you, and to make the right choice you need to know what they are. Now this doesn’t mean you need to change your major or look into every possible career available. Look into job opportunities and what they require as well as what a typical day in that specific job role would look like. This will help you make the decision knowing what the positions holds.

Speak to someone that has experience in the field


Now speaking to your parents is somewhat of a consolation mechanism because they will support you no matter what you choose. But instead speak to someone that knows about your field of interest and someone that is closer in age to you. Because you need to have someone that is updated giving you guidance and support.

Participate in career counselling programs


Take a day and attend a career counselling session to get some professional advice. There might be things that even someone in the field might not have exposure to. And a career guidance session will help you go through the process with more of an insight from someone that can give you clear cut directions.

Sit down and think


Now that you’ve been through what seems like a hurricane of information, take a moment to go through your findings individually and think to yourself as to which field appeals to you the most. And take time to look into all the details and requirement of that specific aspect so that you know what you need to do to get there.

It is hard to picture your future with a few days of research. It all takes time, so when you see someone that has everything figured out, don’t panic. Sit back and make an informed decision because this is your future and no one can shape it but you.

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