How to Keep Employees Motivated When Their Jobs Are Dangerous

Keeping employees motivated in any environment can be challenging for business leaders.

Whether employees are working with dangerous equipment, ascending extreme heights every day, or doing one of the many other jobs with high fatalities, leaders must find ways to keep morale high.
If you have employees whose work puts them at risk, it's important to create an environment where they can feel as though someone is looking out for them. Here are a few things you can do to keep morale high when your employees have dangerous jobs.
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7 ways of Eliminating Stress at work

Why is it important to eliminate stress at work?

Excessive stress can interfere with your productivity and can also impact on to your physical and emotional health which can also ruin interpersonal relationships with co-workers or family members.

Below are 7 different ways to eliminate stress during work.

Congratulations! You got the job! What is the next step?

We all know the pressure and the anxiety faced when looking for a job. Especially if it is your first. You would want it to be great. You would want to work at a top company that is respected among your friends and family. You go through a series of hectic interviews and you get the job you always wanted! That is amazing! Yes, it is a huge relief. However, is it wise to relax, now that the hard part is done? Or is it just beginning?

Landing your Dream Job: a few Tips and Tricks

Is there a specific job that you really badly want? And you’d do anything to get it? If so, then you would probably research on the company, watch videos of their events or advertisements and if you have any contacts within the organisation, probably ask them anything and everything about the culture and the people. However, no matter how much you know about the organisation, it is not exactly what employers look for. Firstly, there are three things that you have to maintain on your side of the subject; The Three C’s: Contacts, Credibility and Competence.

Tips to avoid problems with HRIS

Human Resource Information System is the integration of Human Resource Management and Information Technology into a single database using Enterprise Resource Planning software. HRIS aims to integrate the various functions of human resource such as payroll and labor productivity, into a less capital-intensive method. An effective HRIS would be one that contributes to the reduction of administrative costs, increased efficiency, driving productivity gains etc. It should enable efficient management of employee information, tracking of job applicants and successful communication with other business systems. A successful HRIS would contribute to an overall upliftment of an organisation. However, certain problems occur within the system that organisations may have problems with.

4 Tips on building your brand image in your workplace

Every organization has its own brand; they work on promoting their brand among several markets in order to keep up with competition and rise to the top. Similarly, every employee in every organization has their own brand image. They have a reputation to maintain, within their own team as well as among other departments. Developing your personal brand image is essential if you want a career advancement – it is your key identifier and what makes you valuable to an organization.

Tips on managing a multigenerational workforce

Today’s workforce is becoming more and more multigenerational with the different generations that now exist – Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y (Millennials) and even Generation Z. One of the biggest challenges that managers face is finding the right balance in managing and motivating the engagement of multigenerational employees. These diverse generations create difficulties for managers trying to adapt to the work styles, perspectives and motivational factors of each generation. Hence, bridging the gap between each generation is a difficult task to solve. Given below are a few tips that will help managers in increasing the engagement and collaboration of their diversified workforce.

5 ways to improve employee retention

According to research approximately 2.8 million people quit their jobs in March 2015. This is expected to increase as employees are getting more opportunities in the job market. Therefore, organizations really need to get a hold of their employee retention strategy from a talent and competitive point of view.

10 Steps to Improve Employee Satisfaction

Has your organisation been experiencing high levels of employee dissatisfaction? If so, do not fret, for it is quite a trend locally as well as on a global scale. Many organisation s face this problem and often have issues when dealing with it. An employee is usually dissatisfied when

  • The organisation they work for has high cost turnovers
  • Low Profits
  • Lack of focus on customers
  • Inefficiency
  • Low employee treatment

The Human Resource Information System is the core system used by any HR department to manage their operations, to perform administrative tasks efficiently and to help in HR strategy. The HRIS is chosen with respect to the organisation’s needs. An HRIS which matches a particular company may not necessarily fit other organisation s. However a good HRIS can also “be tailored” to fit any organisation.

1. Do you need an HR system?
The first step to getting your HR department transformed through an HR system is to look at and find out what exactly you need. Do you want an HR system in the first place? What features of the HR system do you need? It is a necessity or is it just an extra which you would like to have?
Many HR Managers want a HR system but they do not fully comprehend the benefits of such a system. They are unaware that HR systems can improve staffing efficiency and reduce HR department costs. They are unaware that by using a HR system they can solve many of their impending HR problems and enforce better HR policies and practices.
By fully understanding what an HR system can offer and what features they provide you can easily decide if you require an HR system or not. In most cases you will require such a system as HR systems provide benefits for almost any organisation, unless maybe you are a florist with only 3 employees.

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